You're Not Just "Starting Out As A Stylist", You're 'Creating a Career'

My journey starts much like where you may be right now. A dream of where I want to be with no clear path or idea of how to get there. Living in a small, uninspiring city that wasn’t very supportive of creatives and expecting my second child, I had a job in fashion, but not the one I wanted. Everyday, I had visions of something bigger, more satisfying, until one day I could no longer fight the urge to live the life that I wanted, on my own terms, a concept that felt far fetched and foreign to me in my present circumstances.

But, as it turns out, it wasn’t so far-fetched.

Day by day, step by step, I layered my desire to be a fashion stylist (a job I couldn’t even fully fathom) with my ambition to live a life that I designed myself.

And eventually, one step taken led to a new step discovered, until one day, a creative with zero contacts in the industry, from a small town with no mentor and no real advice took a look around and realized that she was smack dab in the middle of a dream she once had. Styling celebrities, working on sets for big brands and major publications, costume designing for huge productions and TV commercials, I was leading teams of styling assistants and booking gigs that at one time were so far out of my reach it seemed near impossible. I turned what was once just a dream into reality. I created a career from scratch and I wasn’t dreaming anymore. I’m living a life that at one time was just an idea of a life that I wanted.

And I am proof that it IS possiblee


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Your future is waiting

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